Our Guarantee

Compassion. Integrity. Professionalism. Respect.

These four words not only summarize the high standard we use to conduct our business, but a code on how we at Paw Prints live our daily lives. To give you more confidence in our service, we have taken Integrity one step further. No other pet cremation service can visually guarantee your pet’s identification and private cremation without video conformation. Due to customer feedback this service is only available upon request.

It is every pet owner’s fear that the ashes they receive from a private cremation may not be those of their pet. Paw Prints understands your concerns. We have found a reliable way to reassure you of your pet’s identification. We have installed a digital video system that records the private cremation procedure.

Digital Security.

Most pet owners don’t wish to attend their pet’s cremation. Just knowing that we do videotape all private cremations can be very reassuring to most folks.

Paw Prints Pet Services has the latest technology in video recording equipment. We have upgraded to a system that is operated by a motion detector. Instead of having to manually turn the cameras on, recording automatically begins any time there is movement in the camera’s field of vision. All activity, whether placing a pet in the cremation chamber or the crematory operator simply walking by the front of the machine, is recorded. Once the activity stops, the cameras will continue recording for an additional 5 seconds until going into standby mode. All video is stored digitally on a one terabyte DVR hard drive.

What is being recorded?
The camera shows the front of the cremation unit. The pet is shown on a cart to confirm identity.

The door of the cremation unit is opened revealing an empty, clean cremation chamber. The pet is then placed in the chamber and the door is shut. Depending on the size of the pet, the cremation can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to complete. During the cremation process, it is necessary for the operator to open the chamber periodically to assess progress and to make physical adjustments as needed.

The final part of the video will show the clean-out procedure. The operator will use a long wire brush tool to gather the remains. They are raked to the front of the machine and placed into a pan. They will be left in their natural form while cooling and then later processed to ash.

Please be assured that your pet’s body will be handled properly and respectfully during all aspects of the cremation process.