Dealing With Loss

That special bond that exists between humans and their pets can only be described as unconditional love. The trauma of losing this wonderful relationship when your pet dies is very real and often misunderstood. We want to be a comfort to you in this difficult time. Here are some links to sites which you may find helpful.

Animals in Our Hearts
Publications and information to comfort and support in your time of grief.

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
A not-for-profit association of professional counselors and pet-lovers helping people cope with the loss of their pets.

Coping with Pet Loss: A Resource Guide for Grieving Pet Owners
Pet lovers experience the joy and sadness that owning a pet brings. Eventually we all experience the loss of a pet. Losing a pet, in many ways, is not unlike losing any other loved one.

Dealing with the Death of a Pet
Like humans, animals can fall victim to injury or illness that could end their lives. In some cases, a pet’s death can be an unexpected and heartbreaking surprise. During this difficult time, families must not only deal with a range of emotions associated with their loss, but they also face a number of important decisions.

Coping with the Loss of a Pet
An article covering grieving, the five stages of mourning, how to explain pet loss to a child, and reasons for euthanasia.

The Pet Loss Resource Guide
Learn how dealing with the grief from losing a pet in a healthy way is essential.

A memorial/tribute site. This site charges a fee for posting memorials (portions go to charity), but also offers a number of useful (free) resources.

Grief Healing
An excellent resource from pet loss counselor Marty Tousley. It contains an extensive collection of articles and columns on grief, plus other resources. The one downside is that it is graphics-intensive and can take a long time to load (but it’s worth the wait).

Having to Say Goodbye
A (long) page of pet loss tips and resources from a golden retriever site. A key resource is a state-by-state guide to pet loss resources and support groups; click on the map to find resources in your state. In addition to links, poetry and basic tips, this page offers an extensive list of books for adults and children. Also graphics-heavy and slow to load.

Healing and Inspirational Poetry
Links to dozens of poems on pet loss and related topics.

Lightning Strike Pet-Loss Support Page
One of the oldest pet loss sites on the web, with an eclectic selection of resources and links.

The Pet Loss Grief Support Website & Candle Ceremony
Offers information on “The Rainbow Bridge” in several different languages, plus a Monday evening worldwide candle ceremony for pets. Also offers a chat room, translations of the ceremony, poetry, articles, books, links to online support groups, links to telephone support, an article on grief writing and links to other resources.

Pet Loss Phone Support
Links to university and veterinary hospital hotlines and a variety of counselors and organizations that offer telephone support to pet owners.

Rainbow Bridge
Links to Rainbow Bridge tribute sites for dogs, cats, birds, and abused animals, and more.

Sympathy Cards for Pets
This site contains a wide range of free electronic sympathy cards for pets (dogs, cats, birds, horses and ferrets), along with links to several other pet loss card sites.

Time to Let Go
Good article on euthanasia and on how to determine when the time is right.